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 Coefficients related to the selection of couplings (taken from JB/T7511-94)
The dynamic coefficient Kw should be considered when selecting the coupling: when the turbulent or elastic coupling is used for working conditions with impact, vibration and axis compensation, the starting coefficient Kz, temperature coefficient Kt, amplification coefficient Kv, and impact coefficient should be considered The comprehensive influence factors of Ka and other coefficients on the system.

1. Power factor Kw

Power engine category codePower machine namePower Machine Coefficient
IElectric, turbine1
Four-cylinder and more than four-cylinder internal combustion engine1.2
Two-cylinder internal combustion engine1.4
Single cylinder internal combustion engine1.6

2. Coupling load category

Load category codeI
Load classificationUniform loadMedium shock loadHeavy shock loadExtremely heavy impact load

3. Working condition coefficient K

a. The K value listed in the above table is the average value of the transmission system under different working conditions, and can be increased appropriately according to the actual situation
b. The K value listed in the above table, the power machine is electric motor and turbine, if it is other power machine, the power machine coefficient Kw should be considered
c. In a transmission system equipped with a brake, when the theoretical torque of the brake exceeds the theoretical torque of the power machine, the coupling should be calculated and selected according to the theoretical torque of the brake

4. Starting coefficient Kz
The starting frequency Z of the active end forms an additional load, and its influence is expressed by the starting coefficient Kz, see the table below

Z≤120>120~240> 240
Kz11.3Determined by the manufacturer

5. Temperature coefficient Kt
When selecting a coupling with a non-metallic elastic material (rubber) for the transmission system, the factors that reduce the strength of the rubber elastic material under the influence of temperature should be considered, expressed by the temperature coefficient Kt, see the following table; the temperature t is related to the working environment of the coupling , Under the effect of radiant heat, especially the influence of Kt should be considered.

Ambient temperature tFor composite materials Kt
natural rubberPolyurethane elastomerAlkyl acrylate-butadiene-raw rubber (NBR)

(NR)(PUR)(Nitrile rubber N)
-20 ~ 30111
>60~801.8Not allowed1.2,

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