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Hebei, China
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Drive Cardan Shaft
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China High Quality Drive Cardan Shaft Coupling
Metallurgy Machinery
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45# Steel
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Supply Ability:
200 Set/Sets per Month

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Standard export wooden case
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15-20 Working Days

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General description

Auniversal joint, (universal coupling,U-joint,Cardanjoint,Hardy-Spicerjoint, orHooke’s joint) is ajointorcouplingin a rigid rod that allows the rod to ‘bend’ in any direction, and is commonly used in shafts that transmitrotary motion. It consists of a pair ofhingeslocated close together, oriented at 90° to each other, connected by a cross shaft. The universal joint is not aconstant velocity joint.

No machine element other than a cardan shaft allows power transmission of torque between specially offset driving and driven shafts whose position can be changed during operation.

Spatial angular motion and changes of axial length are ensured by advanced constructional elements.

Thus, cardan shafts have become an indispensable transmission component in automotive engineering and industry.

Cardan shafts offer

#####» multifunctional application

#####» excellent efficiency

#####» high reliability

#####» low maintenance

#####» easy use

They are an integral part in almost all industries with mechanical drives.

Convince yourself that our products will solve your drive problems to your complete satisfaction.

Selection and use of cardan shafts

Cardan shafts being used for various applications. So it is impossible to select their size and predict their lifetime with reliable accuracy with just one general rule. The familiar failure probabilities for roller bearings apply to cardan shafts as well.

The size of the cardan shaft should be chosen so that its maximum momentary torque rating, is not smaller than the maximum torque to be transmitted in your application. Additionally parameters like deflection angle, speed, length, operating conditions (kind of drive, temperature, dust etc.) should be considered. Therefore please refer to ourtechnical questionnaire. Our experts will evaluate your information given in this questionnaire, to find the best choice for your application. If you need more detailed calculations like determining lifetime, stability etc. please contact us.

Installation instructions

All anti- corrosion paint should be removed carefully from the cardan shaft flanges before the shaft is installed. Anti- corrosion agent on the cardan mounting flanges reduces frictional adhesion (not with flange yokes with staggered tooth arrangement).

Cardan shaft maintenance

It is necessary to grease the moving parts of a cardan shaft at certain intervals to remove used lubricant and foreign matter, if any, and replenishing the lubricant.

Lubrication is required after cleaning with high pressure or a steam jet.

General notes

» The installation of cardan shafts requires expertise and careful workmanship!

» Be sure to follow manufacturer’s instructions forinstallation and repair.

» Parts to be installed in universal drives must bein perfect working order and approved for the specific application in hand.

» Make sure that cardan shaft locating centres are properly seated and that the flange surfaces are in perfect contact!

» The operation ratings must never be exceeded.

» Do not use high pressure (water, stream, air) for cleaning to prevent damage of the bearings and sealings!

Specific product description

SWC universal coupling/joint is mainly used in rolling milll,hoisting and other heavy machinery.

Features of SWC series cardan shaft:

1.Gyration diameter:58~620mm

2.Nominal torque:0.15~1000KN*m

3.Max angular misalignment: 25o

4.Reasonable configuration,high safety and long service life

5.High transmission efficiecy:98.6%

Type D

Nominal torque



Weary torque






LS Lmin




D3 SWC100BH 100 1.25 0.63 25 55 390 84 57 60 SWC120BH 120 2.5 1.25 25 80 485 102 75 70 SWC150BH 150 5 2.5 25 80 590 130 90 89 SWC180BH 180 12.5 6.3 25 100 810 155 105 114 SWC225BH 225 40 20 15 140 920 196 135 152 SWC250BH 250 63 31.5 15 140 1035 218 150 168

Type Lm n-d k t b g Moment of inertia Mass (h9) I/kg·m2 m/kg Lmin Increase per 100mm Lmin Increase per 100mm SWC100BH 55 6-9 7 2.5 – – 0.0044 0.00019 6.1 0.35 SWC120BH 65 8-11 8 2.5 – – 0.0109 0.00044 10.8 0.55 SWC150BH 80 8-13 10 3 – – 0.0423 0.00157 24.5 0.85 SWC180BH 110 8-17 17 5 – – 0.175 0.007 70 2.8 SWC225BH 120 8-17 20 5 32 9 0.538 0.0234 122 4.9 SWC250BH 140 8-19 25 6 40 12.5 0.966 0.0277 172 5.3