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Matters needing attention when hot assembling plum coupling

Author: 11 Published: 2021-01-28

 The quincunx-shaped elastic coupling is heated to expand or cool, and the shaft end is cooled and contracted, so that the tire coupling can be easily installed on the shaft.However, the heating temperature of the plum-shaped coupling cannot be increased arbitrarily, and the recrystallization temperature of the steel is 430°C.If the heating temperature exceeds 430°C, the internal structure of the steel will change, so the upper limit of the heating temperature is less than 430°C.For the sake of safety, the upper limit of heating temperature should be below 400℃.As for the actual heating temperature of the plum blossom coupling, it can be calculated according to the interference value between the plum blossom coupling and the shaft and the requirement that the plum blossom coupling is sleeved on the shaft after heating.The following points should be paid attention to in the hot installation of plum coupling:

  1. Before heating, check whether the plum blossom coupling is paired with another coupling, especially when installing several identical units, and find out the matching number or mark.
  2.Plum couplingThere must be no burrs, scratches and other defects on the mating surface.
  3. Always record the temperature rise and current value, and the temperature rise should not exceed 30°C per hour.
  4. After the temperature rises to 100°C, the inspector should pay special attention.

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