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Place of Origin:
Zhejiang, China
Brand Name:
Alloy Steel
Operating Angle:
45 degree
Applicable Industries:
Machinery Repair Shops
Product Name:
Cardan Joint
Accept Sample
White Box
10 pcs
High Precision

Heavy Duty Truck Universal Joint,Cardan Shaft Universal Coupling Joint 5-676X

Product Description

Normally we are using 20Cr or 20CrMnTi gear steel, as Chinese standarded alloy steel for the cross spider of our universal joint cross assembly and the glove bearing is also based on such material. Also we can make the u-joint as you requested material when the quantity is acceptable for production lot. For the needle roller, the material will be GCr15 bearing steel. High-quality materials are used for our accessarries such snap ring, NBR seal rings, straight or jointed hydraulic grease nipples, and general purpose lithium base grease for automobile.

2. Application: A power transmission universal joint cross assembly is widely used in automobile types including: middile and high end salon, off-road vehicles, most of the trucks, agriculture machinery, mine and heavy-duty machine, specifical purpose vehicles

3. Feature: A universal joint is fitted between the driveshaft and the differential axle to transmit power through the axis of rotation. Perfectly smooth rotation is required, in order to handle the constantly changing angles of the rear axle caused by the vertical movement of uneven surfaces transmitted through the suspension system. In other words, a universal joint efficiently transmits power through both fixed and fluctuating angles. Moreover, since the universal joint is lightweight and compact with superior durability, it has proved to be a safe and positive product for power transfer in Automotive and Industrial applications. In recent years, we have been working to develop and produce the press type bearing which is aimed at improvement in intensity and durability and reduces cost further.

4. Structure: A universal joint has four needle roller bearings that provide the strength and life which is most important and both the axes of the spider are inserted into two yokes. In the bearing, a seal is located to prevent dust, water, etc.from ingress and to prevent grease egress. For heavy duty vehicles with high torque transmission, such as large size vehicles and various industrial machine vehicles, a wing type (3 kinds: block, wing, delta) is used. Bolt-fastening mechanism and key-way are incorporated to the bearing and a precise circle is on its back. By receiving the torque through the key-way, even if a bolt is loosely tightened, the shearing stress does not apply to the bolt.

Universal joint 5-281X (49.2*191.9mm)


1.Material: 20Cr, Gcr152.Size:49.2X191.9mm 3.OEM quality and best service4.Factory price sale






Raw material:

1.20Cr for small and medium size u-joint

2.20CrMnTi for big size universal joint

3. Gcr15 for universal joint bearing


We supply all size Unversal Joint KIT/CARDEN Bearing if any needs pls send inquiry to us.There are some models as belows are for your reference.

FIG Part No. D mm O mm L mm Spicer Precision GMB A GUN26 23.82 61.3 37125 -11975 N2461 UJ110 A GUN30 30.17 90.1 37125-85461 N3092 UJ115 A GUN32 35.5 119.2 37125-58026 N36119 UJ117 A GUN33 43 128 37125-99901 ND43128 UJ119 A GUN36 25 77.6 37125-4101 NP2578 UJ120 A GUN44 20.5 56.5 37125-99000 UJ124 A GUN45 20.07 52.4 37125-H8500 A GUN47 27 81.75 37125-25025 A GUN48 27 81.75 37125-7F025 A GUS2 20.02 35 27100-67000 A GUS6 20.1 59.8 27200-60511 A GUS7 25 63.8 27200-83010 A GUSR-3 28 52.6 6232-4300 A GUT-11 20 57 04371-10011 T2057 UJ212 A GUT-14 28.5 77.9 04371-60010 T2978 UJ214 A GUT-15 34 107 04371-55011 T34107 UJ216 A GUT-16 40 118 04371-55020 T40119 UJ215 A GUT-19 20 57 04371-10010 T2057 UJ222 A GUT-22 40 118 04371-55021 A GUT-24 22.06 57.5 A K5-13XR 26.99 81.76 A K5GB10R 30.188 106.35 A K5L4R 27 74.6 A KC2832ADW 40 115.6 A KC2932ADW 44 129 A S-E129 41.27 126 A S-F365 55.03 164 A S-F366 60.03 162 A SPL140-1X 49.22 139 A SPL170-1X 55 165 A SPL250-1X 60 163 A SPL70-1X 34.9 126.1 CZ256 A SPL90-1X 41.28 126 CZ271 A U040 23.8 61.3 5-101X/502X 340 UJ040 A U050 23.8 61.3 5-102X/5-111X 341 UJ050 A U080 26.94 61.85 5-310X 437G UJ080 A U100 27 81.8 5-153X/5-204X 329/521 UJ100 A U110 27 74.6 5-94X 344 UJ110 A U126 16.05 40 ST1640 – UJ126 A U180 20 57 5-1500X 395 UJ180 A U189 40 118 GUT16 U189

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