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Alignment method of diaphragm coupling

Author: admin Published: 2020-11-13

Multi-section clamping diaphragm couplings use parallel or spiral groove system to adapt to various deviations and accurately transmit torque.Multi-section clamping diaphragm couplings usually have good performance and price advantages. In many practical applications of stepping and servo systems, multi-section clamping diaphragm couplings are good products.The one-piece design enables the multi-section clamping diaphragm coupling to realize the advantages of zero-clearance torque transmission and no maintenance.

Correction method

(1) Fix the outer foot on the side of the motor of the lifting accessories coupling, and move the inner foot until the eccentric line between the motor and the pump is zero.To ensure that the motor does not move arbitrarily, after fixing the feet of one side of the motor, the other side should be supported by the top wire.

(2) Fix the inner feet of the coupling and move the outer feet to make the eccentricity of the two wires zero.

(3) After the above two methods are repeated several times, the coupling can be in a good alignment state.

Hoisting accessories coupling is an important task in the equipment maintenance process.Although the principle of correction is simple, it is very practical.The alignment methods often used in small pumps include single-meter method, double-meter method, and three-meter method.No matter which method, there is a common feature; the alignment in the horizontal plane is easier to make mistakes than the vertical plane, it is repetitive, time-consuming, and the calculation is cumbersome.


Most of the multi-section clamping diaphragm couplings are made of aluminum alloy. Some manufacturers also provide multi-section clamping diaphragm couplings made of stainless steel.The stainless steel multi-section clamping diaphragm coupling also increases the torque bearing capacity and rigidity, and can even reach twice that of similar products made of aluminum alloy.However, this increased torque and rigidity will be largely offset by the increased mass and inertia.Sometimes the bad influence will outweigh its advantages, so users have to look for other forms of couplings.

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