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The characteristics and requirements of gear couplings (XNUMX)

Author: admin Published: 2020-11-19

  Coupling A half-moving half-coupling with internal gears, which form a closed loop with the gears.The large width of the radial groove is slightly smaller than the thickness of the elastic element bundle to ensure that the elastic element is pre-tightened after being installed in the radial groove.As the distance between the gears decreases, the rigidity of the coupling will increase.The elastic element will work in a bent state, and the sheet bundle will perform relative shearing. This may make the coupling obtain some non-linear characteristics to ensure that the coupling has a large elastic vibration damping function.When the automatic coupling rotates, the gear interacts with the gear, and the gear warp shaft transmits torque to the driven half coupling.At this time, the two half couplings will work under some relative rollover conditions.Gear couplingIt also has good cushioning properties. When the load is recommended to be changed frequently, the coupling needs to be cushioned. Not only can it achieve a good shock absorption effect, but it can also avoid damage to the prime mover to a large extent. It can avoid the damage of the working machinery, avoid the formation of some adverse effects and economic losses, so the process of practical application is indeed very important, and it will bring a good application effect.

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