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What kind of lubricating oil is used for SWC universal coupling

Author: 11 Published: 2021-01-28

       XNUMX. The viscosity of butter is relatively high. During the process of adding butter, it will produce a lot of resistance, making it difficult to reach the place that needs lubrication, and it is also easy to overflow, so it will make people feel that the butter has been filled up, but There is actually no lubrication.

  two,Universal couplingIn the working process, it is necessary to withstand large torsion and alternating loads, so it is difficult to form a good oil film on the friction surface.

  XNUMX. Butter is not easy to roll. Once the oil film formed is destroyed, a new oil film cannot be formed immediately.

  XNUMX. But if calcium-based grease is used to lubricate the universal joint shaft, it will not work, mainly because calcium-based grease is a mixture of lubricating oil and calcium soap.When the lubricating oil deteriorates or evaporates during use, the remaining calcium soap will not have a lubricating effect by itself, but will play an obstructive effect, which will accelerate the wear of the cross cardan shaft.
  XNUMX. If gear oil is used for lubrication, these problems will not occur, because it can prolong its service life and improve its performance, so that it can work smoothly, so for universal couplingsIt is very appropriate.

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