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What is the difference between roller chain coupling and gear coupling

作者: Published: 2020-01-18

Couplings are used in many industries, and many people do not fully understand them. Roller chain couplings and gear couplings (such as drum gear couplings) are all flexible couplings. It can compensate the axial, angular and radial deviations of the connecting coupling installation, but there are still differences. I will briefly introduce the specific differences below.

  1. The structure of roller chain coupling and drum gear coupling is different

  Roller chain coupling: use a common double-row chain to mesh with two parallel sprockets with the same number of teeth at the same time, with a dust cover to realize the connection of the two halves of the chain coupling (see the picture below for the actual picture) .

  Drum-shaped gear coupling: two shells with internal teeth, two sleeves with external teeth, both have the same number of teeth, the external teeth are made into a drum shape with a spherical tooth top, the two shells are connected by bolts, and the two ends are sealed , The structure of lubricating oil is stored in the cavity (see the figure below for the actual object).

  2. The advantages of roller chain coupling and drum gear coupling are different

  The advantages of roller chain couplings: simple structure, compact size, small quality, convenient assembly and disassembly, easy maintenance, low cost, and have certain compensation performance and cushioning performance.

  The advantages of the drum gear coupling: large transmission torque, low noise, can compensate for comprehensive displacement, high transmission efficiency, long service life, long maintenance cycle and other outstanding performance.

  3. The disadvantages of roller chain coupling and drum gear coupling are different

  Roller chain coupling: The disadvantage is that it is not suitable for reverse transmission and frequent starting or vertical shaft transmission, and is not suitable for high-speed transmission.

  Drum-shaped gear coupling: The disadvantage is that the structure is bulky, costly, and inelastic. It is not suitable for machinery that requires vibration reduction, buffering, and two-axis alignment.

  4 Roller chain couplings and drum gear couplings have different application ranges

  Roller chain coupling: suitable for occasions with low speed and light load

  Drum gear coupling: used in heavy transmission occasions

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