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ZLD (LZD) tapered hole elastic pin coupling

作者: Published: 2020-01-19

The characteristics and application of ZLD (LZD) elastic pin coupling: it can compensate the relative deviation of the two shafts, has poor vibration reduction function, low transmission accuracy, and large transmission torque. Compared with gear couplings, it has simple structure and quality Lightweight, easy to manufacture and easy to maintain.It does not need lubrication and partially replaces gear couplings. It is noisy and is suitable for large and medium torque shaft transmissions. It is not suitable for parts with high requirements for vibration reduction and strict noise control.

    ZL type-basic type;

    ZID type—cone hole type (connected with motor);

    ZLZ type—connect with intermediate shaft type;

    ZLL type—with brake wheel type;

The basic parameters and main dimensions of ZLD (LZD) tapered shaft hole pin gear coupling: (GB/T 5015-85) mm

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