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ZLL (LZZ) elastic pin coupling with brake wheel

作者: Published: 2020-01-19


    The elastic sleeve pin coupling has the characteristics of shock absorption, reasonable structure, convenient maintenance, small number of parts, and strong applicability.It can be used for high-speed rotation with many changes in forward and reverse rotation, variable load, and frequent starting.Over the years, it has been adopted by various mechanical connections.The shaft hole types are cylindrical (Y), conical (Z) and short cylindrical (J).The shaft hole and keyway are processed according to the standard GB3852-83 "Coupling shaft hole and keyway form and size".

    The semi-coupling adopts cast steel ZG35Ⅱ.The elastic sleeve is made of synthetic rubber and polyurethane rubber.

    This standard coupling has been mass-produced.The price is reasonable and widely adopted by users.And can accept non-standard orders according to user needs.

Basic parameters and main dimensions of ZLL elastic pin gear coupling with brake wheel mm


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