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HL, HLL (LX, LXZ) elastic pin coupling

作者: Published: 2020-01-19

Features and applications of HL, HLL (LX, LXZ) elastic pin couplings: It has micro-compensation performance, simple structure, easy to manufacture, easy to replace the pin, suitable for axial movement, frequent starting, forward and reverse rotation Shafting transmission is not suitable for parts with high accuracy requirements for working reliability. It is not suitable for shafting transmissions with heavy loads and strong shock and vibration. Shafts with low installation accuracy should not be used.

    HL (LX) type-basic type;

    HLL (LXZ) type-with brake wheel type;

Parameters and main dimensions of HL, HLL (LX, LXZ) type (with brake wheel) elastic pin coupling: (GB/T 5014-85<2003>) mm

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