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Industrial SU Form
The SU Kind coupling includes a single flex plane with two hubs plus a single disc pack. It’s ideal for angular and axial misalignment only. Two SU couplings are often mixed which has a shaft
to produce a floating shaft coupling. The shaft is usually hollow for long light weight floating shaft couplings.
Industrial SX Sort
This can be the typical coupling kind that involves two hubs, a stock length spacer made to meet market typical lengths, and two unitized disc packs. The coupling has two flex planes, one at every disc pack, enabling this coupling to accommodate parallel, angular, and axial misalignment with specified limits. The coupling is accessible in six and 8 bolt designs and bore sizes as much as 13 inches (330mm) about the largest dimension. Customized spacer lengths is usually produced to meet unique shaft separations necessary for distinct applications. The SX coupling could be fitted with overload bushings to guard the disc packs in over torque conditions and may act as an anti-flail gadget. SX couplings are assembled at the time of installation within the gear in which the coupling will likely be in support.
Industrial DI Type
The DI Type coupling includes a “Drop-In” spacer assembly which is assembled in the factory. The coupling includes two hubs as well as a spacer assembly comprising in the spacer, two unitized disc packs, and two guard rings. The disc packs are bolted on the spacer and guard rings on the factory utilizing the torque values advisable by Lovejoy for the disc pack bolts. With the hubs mounted about the shafts, the complete disc pack assembly is usually “Dropped In” spot concerning the two hubs. The hubs are piloted to guarantee correct centering with the spacer assembly. This piloting serves as an anti-flail function and aids while in the coupling’s capacity to meet the stability requirements mandated by API. This type coupling is made to meet the stability and anti-flail prerequisites specified in API-610.
Oversized, or Jumbo, hubs can be found for use with the DI Sort coupling to permit for more substantial bore sizes on most DI coupling sizes. This permits for that use of smaller DI couplings in applications wherever a smaller sized dimension coupling can nevertheless accommodate the application torque.
Industrial SXC Type
The SXC Kind is the near coupled variation on the SX Variety coupling. The SXC is much like the SX coupling in the disc packs are attached when the coupling is set up. During the near coupled units, the hubs are turned inward and are mounted within the spacer. Note that with all the hubs within the spacer, the maximum bore permitted inside the hub will be decreased. The SXC couplings can be applied with 1 or the two hubs turned outward to permit the coupling to accommodate distinct shaft separations.
Industrial SXCS and SXCST Forms
The SXCS and SXCST Styles have split spacers along with the disc packs might be serviced or removed without having moving the hubs over the shafts and without moving the gear. The SXCS Style has the bolts that connect the hubs towards the split spacer put in in the ends on the couplings. The SXCST possess the bolts set up from within the spacer pointing outward in the direction of the hubs.
More Types