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The series no-jam dredge pump is created through intro ducing overseas productive energy conservation no-jam dredge pump technology and organizing the technological electrical power. Its trart parameters all reach or exceed the technological regular of your samekind products at your house and abroad. It introduces exceptional single-channel impeller, and motion seal is actually a challenging alloy mechanic seal fitting made of two groups of specific materials, motor is separated with oil chamber, it truly is no?1am, wearies very well, getting exact model line, effortless to utD?ze and retain, has high efficiency¡ê?saves energy notably, would be the newest item in the identical sort in our nation, and is deeply welcomed by its users. Different designs and diverse stricture forms with the pump may be selected.
The series no-jam dredge pump is suitable for delivering industrial and municipal sewage. Its beat characteris that it could provide sewage with sound particles and fibre materials. Aside from delivering sewage, it is also suitable for dredge pump, pulp pump, 1?£¤rating washing condensat?¡ê??ycle pump, pump for irrigation and so on. It’s widely utilized to this kind of occasions as mining, building site, hospital, hotel, sewage treatment method.